Our Programs

Coffee and Social

This is a great way to start the morning, members are more than welcome to come in and relax while socializing with both other members and staff in a fun, no pressure atmosphere. Participants get great company, free coffee and toast and stimulating conversation. This gives the staff a chance to check in with our members and allows our members to share things about their daily lives. 

Games and Tournaments

Pace runs a bunch of different games that our members enjoy participating in such as; Food Bingo, Pool Tournaments, Crib Tournaments, Foo’s Ball, Pictionary, Board games, Card Games and much more..

Addictions Education Group

Our addictions education group is run by our own staff who are very passionate in helping people who struggle with addictions or helping people who have friends or family struggling with addictions. This group is not a form of group therapy but rather provides education and peer support. Members participating in this group who are comfortable, can provide their own outlooks on topics and share personal experiences. Currently P.A.C.E is partnered with Harm Reduction Workers at Norwest Community Health Centre and 2 of their workers are present as well. 

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a flexible program run by staff that allows our members to express themselves, learn new skills and abilities, and work on healthy ways of coping. The activities can include; colouring, painting, jewelery making, crafts, cultural craft making, sewing and anything else the staff can think of. 

Special Guests

P.A.C.E strives to bring in special guests to socialize and educate our members in additional community services and share their own lived experiences. Some of these guests come to provide education where as others are come to connect with our members or provide entertainment.


The Staff more than welcome fresh ideas for programs so please let our staff know if there's something you'd like to try.

Our groups are always changing based on member's feedback.